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General Jeshuaists sites

Newly formed Association of Jeshuaists: Jeshuaist communities for you

More about Jeshuaism (in English): Jeshuaism - Jeshuaists followers of Christ

More about Jeshuaism (in Dutch and some French articles): Jeshuaisme

Platform of Jeshuaists - Jeshuaisten: Jeshuaists-Jeshuaisten


Discussions sites on what happens in this world

A look at the world from a Jeshuaist or Christian view: Our World

Ecological, economical, educational, social and political affairs, being looked at by different guestwriters in perspective of the Headlines and News: From Guestwriters

A personal view on what goes on in the world: Marcus Ampe's Space

About our way of life

The lifestyle and Readers Digest magazine From Guestwriters, bringing positive news and quotes to meditate on.

Bible study

Sites to help to understand the Scriptures

Looking at the Bible texts from a Jeshuaist angle: Bible texts

Analyzing and word clarification of the Holy Scriptures (in Dutch): Taal en woordverklaringen

Concerning the Study of the Bible  and human attitude opposite the Word of God: (Belgian) Bible Students

English, Dutch and French articles about Bible study, research and archaeology: Bijbelvorsers

The old mainsite of the Free Christadelphians, with articles in several languages: Belgian Christadelphians (Google sites)

The Flemish site of the Christadelphians or Brothers in Christ (in Flemish or Belgian Dutch): Broeders in Christus (Google sites)

For those who have a lot of questions about religion, faith and what to believe: Questiontime

Sites going deeper into the relationship and attitude of those looking at the Scriptures

A site not being afraid to tackle more difficult subjects about Christianity and Christendom and interpretation of the Word of God: Stepping Toes

Concerning mankind's behavior and lifestyle; presenting thoughts from all sorts of people from different denominations:  From Guestwriters (a Readers Digest and Lifestyle magazine)

Personal Jeshuaists sites

A Jeshuaist his website with personal vision: Jeshuaist

Immanuel Verbondskind

Other followers of the real Christ, Jeshua the son of God


Concerning Jeshua or Jesus Christ - The Messiah and Relationship to Christ and to Jehovah God

Website about the restored relationship with God: Relationship to God

Blogplatform about the Relationship with God: Relationship with God (WordPress Blog)

Website about the position of the Messiah: Messiah for all

About the position of Christ and the relationship with and for us: Christ for all

About the Christadelphian community for the people and Christ for the people: Christ for you

In Dutch:

  1. Op zoek naar God
  2. Weg naar God
  3. Vinden van God

Other sites bringing honor to Jeshua and the God of Christ

Websites of Non-Trinitarian organizations

Website of the Brethren in Christ or Brothers in Christ (Broeders in Christus) with English, Dutch, German and French articles: Broeders in Christus

A church community site of the Brothers in Christ or Christadelphians (in several languages): Belgian Free Christadelphians - Ecclesia Brussel-Leuven

An important site concerning the debunking of all the lies which are told about non-Trinitarian groups and lovers of Jehovah: Unmasking anti-Jehovah sites and people

Invitation to join the Jeshuaist movement

You too can become and get yourself known as a Jeshuaist + having your site presented over here

A place for presenting other non-Trinitarian websites of real followers of Christ Jesus or Jeshua the Nazarene rebbe

We invite all those who really follow Jeshua as the Messiah and their master teacher to get themselves be known and to have their websites listed over here.

Please let your website be known to us [by notifying us of your existence at: jeshuaist(at)outlook.com] and giving us the right to mention you in one of our listings to the rest of the world.

We offer you here a platform for all those who really follow the real Messiah and worship the God of Jeshua, Who is Only One True God, the God of Israel, Who is an Unseen Eternal All-knowing Spirit Being.